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Thick White Vaginal Discharge and Pain – My Proven Secret to End Vaginal Discharge and Pain!

When I first started to get a thick white vaginal discharge and pain I began my frantic search on what caused these symptoms and what were they a sign of and most importantly I wanted to learn how to get rid of it fast and with minimum cost. I will outline what I learned so you can benefit from it and learn how to treat it successfully.

Here’s what I learned about thick white vaginal discharge and pain:

These symptoms are a sign of yeast infection. A yeast infection is caused by an overgrowth of yeast (Candida). The overgrowth is generally triggered when the body is so weak it cannot defend itself against the infection. If you’ve just come off a recent course of antibiotics, or are on birth control pills, or your diet is high in sugar and low in nutritional value or even if you’re going through a stressful time right now – all these can weaken your immune system and trigger an overgrowth in yeast. Unfortunately a thick white vaginal discharge and pain are not the only symptoms of yeast infection.

The physical symptoms of yeast infection are: a thick and white vaginal discharge which is odourless and looks like cottage cheese, severe itching and pain, redness and irritation of the vagina, a burning feeling when urinating and pain during sexual intercourse.

Besides these symptoms many women also complain with other chronic indicators related to an overgrowth in yeast such as a lack of energy, fatigue, joint aches and unexplained food cravings.

Treatments for thick white vaginal discharge and pain:

I got the most benefit from natural remedies although I’ll cover my experience with traditional medicine as well. When you are in so much pain you are looking for a quick fix. A prescription treatment will get rid of a vaginal yeast infection if this is your first ever infection. If you are unlucky like I was and are prone to regular bouts of yeast infection, what you will notice is that these drugs will stop working in time and the reason why is because they don’t treat the root cause of the infection only the symptoms. A few weeks later after the treatment, the yeast infection will just flare up again.

If you want to put a stop to the symptoms of yeast infection and the vaginal discharge and itchiness then I recommend natural remedies.

I got pain relief using apple cider vinegar douche and I used garlic to treat vaginal discharge. I had regular apple cider vinegar “baths” or douches as they are properly called and used raw garlic as insertions and found it particularly effective.

I introduced natural yogurt into my daily diet and this helped keeping the yeast infections at bay. I learned that natural yogurt is excellent to keep bacterial infections such as yeast infections, athlete’s foot and other bacterial type infections from occurring because of its natural ingredients. I’ve made a few more changes in my diet and reduced my intake of sugary foods (yeast thrives on sugar) and soon enough my symptoms died down, my vaginal discharge and pain stopped and most importantly I improved my overall health as well.

Follow through with a good hygiene routine, focus on reducing your intake of sugary foods and alcohol and use garlic and vinegar remedies and you’ll soon get rid of vaginal discharge and pain!