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Various Reasons for Vaginal Pain

Women can suffer from vaginal pain while having sex, during urination or menstruation. It can also occur without any sexual activity, it may often result due to sexual intercourse. It is often related to sexual issues. Vaginal pain can often lead discomfort during sex resulting in inability to achieve orgasm.

Since there are many reasons that can lead to pelvic pain or vaginal pain, it is essential that patient get appropriate treatment so that they get cured soon and enjoy sexual life once again.

Many reasons attribute to pelvic pain, prime among them being inflammation due to sexual transmitted diseases (STD), vaginitis infection, vaginal dryness, problems with digestive system, strain in the back, cysts on the ovaries, fibroids, ectopic pregnancy, endometrosis and others. All the issues mentioned can lead to pain in vagina and having sex during pain can lead to enhance and severe pain.

If you are experiencing pain in vagina or pelvic you need to consult doctor who performs pelvic test to search for any infection or other trouble that is causing the pain. During test doctor may use a cotton pad to gently swipe the genitals to detect the pain. You need to answer questions asked by doctor like when and how vaginal pain occurs. Some of the tests include colonoscopy to examine colon, CT scan, MRI, ultrasound of pelvic organ and cystoscopy.

Treatments might include antibiotics, medications, hormones or surgery. Patients also need to undergo heat therapy, acupuncture and vaginal lubricants.

Sometimes no specific cause of vaginal inflammation is found through diagnosis, and then you need to consult couple counselor or sex therapist that may help find an emotional cause that is causing pain. Counseling can help you find right answer to the problem; all you need is to discuss sexual issues to get the right feedback from counselor.