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Vaginal Pain

Not many people know this sad fact, but about 75% of all women will at one time or another are a victims of a yeast infection. Most of these women will have a recurring infection. The symptoms of yeast infections are itching, burning sensation especially during urination and sexual intercourse, a rash, soreness, redness, slight swelling and pain, especially during sexual intercourse. A woman who is experiencing severe vaginal pain, no, all women with vaginal pain, should consult their doctors or physicians so as to rule out any serious medical problems and to also see what medications can be prescribed to provide relief.

Some of the medications like Monistat used to relieve or treat yeast infections have had some adverse effects on some women and this should be taken into consideration when the doctor is prescribing. Vaginal pain and vaginal burning are some of the reactions reported, and the pain can get progressively worse with continued use of this drug. Herbal remedies are an alternative many people choose. Always make sure that whatever herbal remedy you pick does not react to any prescribed medication you are using.

Unless you are allergic, you should feel free to add garlic, unsweetened yogurt to your diet, and for immediate relief for the pain, smear yogurt in your vagina. You can also use some of the recommended herbal treatments for yeast infections, such as vaginal garlic suppositories, vinegar sit baths and vinegar douches and as you get relief, the vaginal pain will also fade away.