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Female Dryness And How To Deal With Vaginal Pains During Intercourse

Female dryness is the enemy of all girls who enjoy good, pleasurable sex. A dry vagina is typically experienced by menopausal women, but younger women too can frequently have issues with vaginal lubrication. The main problem with a dry vagina is painful intercourse and the frustration that it can bring into a couple’s life.

Vaginal dryness and low libido generally leads to less frequent sex, a lack of orgasms, unpleasurable intercourse and pains in the vaginal area. We’ll discuss the causes of female dryness and how it is possible for you to naturally improve your intimate lubrication and enjoy pleasurable, satisfying sex once again.

The Causes Of Female Dryness

The causes of vaginal dryness and painful intercourse are fairly simply to understand. Most menopausal ladies experience some degree of vaginal dryness, possible low libido and difficulties enjoying sexual relations.

Younger ladies can also experience low libido and intimate dryness, often as a result of medication. The most common reason for low desire and a dry vagina with young ladies is the birth control pill. We’ll discuss the causes of dryness and how you can treat your problem easily and naturally.

Cause #1 Of Female Dryness – The Menopause

Many, although not all women reading this are likely to be menopausal, or perimenopausal. Why do you suffer from female dryness, low libido and painful sex when your menopause begins?

The menopause signals that the female body is nearing the end of the reproductive cycle. It is the time in a women’s life when her sexual and reproductive hormones slow down and are sharply reduced. This explains why women experience many symptoms related to menopause; the hormonal changes that are taking place are significant.

One of these symptoms is vaginal dryness. Dryness stops us enjoying sex as we should do. Women can have difficulties lubricating, sex is not as enjoyable as it was and the vaginal pains can linger long after intercourse is over.

How To Have Healthy Enjoyable Sex With Natural Lubrication

Given that the cause of vaginal dryness in this case is low levels of estrogen and testosterone, it makes sense to boost our hormones naturally.

More and more women now are enjoying using natural gels which increase libido, sexual pleasure and improve vaginal lubrication by encourage hormonal production and blood flow towards the clitoris and vagina. Many women are actually enjoying sex even more than during their fertile, younger years thanks to libido-boosting gels which contain ingredients such as L-Arginine.

Women are able to boost their hormones naturally in less time and as a result, sex becomes highly pleasure once again. Who knows, you may even experience some powerful orgasms.

Cause #2 Of Vaginal Dryness: Medication And Treatments

Many ladies reading this article are actually young and healthy and are shocked to experience a sudden decrease in libido and painful intercourse as a result of dryness. In a relationship, dryness and painful sex can cause tension and frustration. A girl can become sad and despondent at being incapable of enjoying sexual relationships like she used to.

Other girls are disappointed that vaginal dryness prevents them from the pleasure of the powerful orgasms they once experienced. Certain treatments, most notably the birth control pill, can cause hormonal disruptions in a girl’s body.

There are other treatments which women claim to cause dryness and low libido. If you can, avoid taking these treatments or change them for different brands instead.

You’ll benefit greatly by using natural supplements to boost your hormones to optimal levels again. Women using natural supplements for female libido report that their vagina is now naturally lubricated, they want sex more often and they can experience satisfying, powerful orgasms once again.

Using natural aphrodisiacs such as those in natural supplements help to boost libido to healthy, enjoyable and energetic levels once again. There’s a good chance you’ll even find sex more pleasurable than before.