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Vaginal Pain – 8 Reasons Why Your Vagina Is Sore And Ways To Get Relief From The Soreness

Vaginal Pain – Why is my vagina sore? Good question and one that’s quite popular too. It is not as if its easy to bump my vagina like lets say, my knee or elbow, so why does it hurt? The vagina is prone to trauma no matter how neatly tucked away it is.

Just because the vagina is not on view and covered in layers of cloth for most part of the day doesn’t mean its safe. Some women tend to question vaginal soreness ever being linked to something that’s well protected and out of sight… wrong! As long as these women continue to ignore the vagina thinking it’s out of harms way, a lot of unnecessary problems can rise from this.

Taking a regular peek to see what’s going on down below will prevent longer treatment sessions with a GP if something is found to be wrong. Keeping an eye on the vagina should be made top priority at all times, do this and you’ll likely lessen the amount of times of having to see a doctor for a cure if an abnormality is spotted.

If the crotch is smothered and genital skin denied air all sorts of things can happen as a result. Itch, rash, inflammation and infection being a few to mention. Vaginal and anus skin need to breathe but continual wearing of tight clothing will not allow this. Even particular materials used for making underwear can bring trouble.

If your vagina is sore and you’re certain it has nothing to do with suffocation, other possible reasons for vaginal pain might boil down too some of what’s listed below.

1. No STD is nice so ask yourself is it worth the risk in tempting fate by having sex without protection. Wear a condom and by doing this you get to avoid the pain and discomfort an STD can cause. Not all sexually transmitted diseases bring symptoms early, but when they do be prepared. Depending on severity and how far into the STD stage will determine how bad the symptoms are to come.

2. Yeast infection, although symptoms usually include itch and irritation, pain is known at times.

3. Cancer and growths: It is common for pain if cysts, polyps, or tumors occur in the vaginal area.

4. Expect discomfort if sex is aggressive and long-lasting, or it’s been a while since you had sexual intercourse. Also, if the man is well hung so as to speak the woman can suffer as a result. Sex gadgets not only can cause pain, but can do damage if the instructions are not followed accordingly.

5. Sexual abuse: Trauma to the vagina can have the victim experience pain.

6. Change of life: Menopause is a common time when mature women suffer pain.

7. Itching: Depending on what has caused the itch, pain cannot be ruled out if infection is included.

8. Discharge: While discharge is normal and although not common, some women might suffer pain if it becomes irregular.

Natural options to help ease discomfort

The word “natural” is used a lot to sell products to treat whatever, nevertheless, there’s no guarantee that going down the natural route is a healthy and safe course of action to take if you have vaginal or pelvic pain.

  • Daily exercise
  • Take a hot bath containing natural herbs to promote healing
  • Relax more
  • Avoid sexual intercourse till the pain is gone
  • Place a hot compress on the outside of the vagina for relief
  • Use a rubber sheath to prevent an STD
  • Cut down on sugar and use vitamin C instead
  • Lactobacillus lessens the odds of developing a yeast infection and is commonly found in yogurt. Persistent aches and pain should be evaluated by a doctor.